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by Siemens

5WG1588-2AB23 5.7-inch color touch panel for AC / DC 24 V

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Description: SIEMENS 5WG1588-2AB23 5.7-inch color touch panel for AC / DC 24V

EAN: 4001869426020

Bus System: KNX 

Programming: ETS 5

Mounting: Recessed

Screen size: 5.7 inches

SIEMENS GAMMA instabus UP 588/13 T as a multifunctional display / control device for KNX, with 320 x 240 pixels, 5.7 "TFT color display, with touch screen, with LED backlight that can be dimmed via the user interface,
for displaying and operating at least 210 communication objects on at least 20 display pages, with another page for displaying and acknowledging at least 16 alarms, with a time program as a weekly program for at least 110 communication objects and at least 10 switching tasks per day of the week,
with presence simulation for at least 50 communication objects,
with a trend module for graphical display and storage of status values,
with 1-bit or 8-bit scene control for at least 64 scenes
with at least 32 A / OR connections, each with at least 4 communication objects, with at least 16 comparison conditions for each start of one switching order, with individual password protection for each displayed page,
with real-time balancing clock and date and time display,
with a choice of at least 4 different design templates as operating and display surface,
Displaying a loadable image as a splash screen page, or displaying a slide show with at least 100 loadable images instead of a splash screen page, with a USB interface for loading images and symbols
with USB cable, 1 m long and 480 Mbit / sec. , With device reset button, with integrated bus coupler and bus terminal for connection to the KNX network, with electronic power supply via external AC / DC 24 V.
As a concealed device for installation in a built-in / hollow wall box with dimensions: 161.5 x 135 x 64 mm (WxHxD),

Design frames and a hollow wall box must be ordered separately.
Design aluminum frame (5WG1 588 8AB12)
Design frame, stainless steel (5WG1 588 8AB13)
Black glass design frame (5WG1 588 8AB14)
Design frame made of white glass (5WG1 588 8AB15)

Recessed / hollow wall socket (5WG1 588 8EB01)

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