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by Merten

MEG6003-0005 Heating module 230 V 3-binary inputs

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Type: MERTEN MEG6003-0005 KNX Actuator heating UP - 3 binary inputs

Degree of protection: IP20

Rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Switching contact: Triac

Rated current: 5 to 25 mA, maximum 2 drives

Inputs: 3

Temperature range: -5 ° C to 45 ° C 

KNX heating drive.
1-piece heating actuator with three inputs for installation in a size 60 switch box. Potential-free contacts can be connected to the inputs.
The 230 V connection is made via a flexible cable approx. 20 cm long. The inputs and KNX are connected via a 6-core connection cable, approx. 30 cm long. The connecting cable for the inputs can be extended to a maximum of 5 m.

KNX software features:
Heating drive function: Can be controlled by a controlled variable (1 bit or 1 byte). State feedback (1 bit or 1 byte). Valve control (open / closed without voltage). It is possible to choose summer or winter operation.
Cyclic monitoring of a controlled variable. Emergency operation and alarm message. Forced operation (forced position for summer and winter operation with different values). Bus voltage recovery behavior and failure. Overload or short circuit report. Drive control (switching or via PWM). Valve jam protection function. Input function: Free assignment of switching, dimming, blinds and transmitter values. Lock object. Bus voltage return behavior.
Switching: two switching objects per input. Rising / falling edge command (ON, OFF, TOGGLE, no response).
Dimming: single-surface and double-surface operation. The time between dimming and switching and the dimming increment.
Blind: Rising edge command (none, UP, DOWN, TOGGLE), control concept (Step-Move-Step or Move-Step). Time between short-term and long-term operation. Slat setting time.
Value transmitter and scene extension: button as open contact, button as closed contact, switch. Setting the value by long pressing the button for the value transmitter. Scene extension with memory function.

- Note: Installation in a double box or electronics box (no. Kaiser 1068-02, 9062-94, 9062-74).

Estimated delivery time: 10 - 18 days