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SCN-DALI64.03 DaliControl IP gateway with web interface

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Type: MDT SCN-DALI64.03 IP gateway DaliControl with web interface

EAN: 4251916130701

Bus System: KNX (TP,IP), DALI

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: DIN rail

The MDT DaliControl IP Gateway receives KNX / EIB telegrams and, in addition to the classic control of 16 DALI groups, also enables individual control of up to 64 electronic ballasts. Once ECGs are assigned to a group, they are no longer available for individual review. A group assignment can be assigned to a maximum of one DALI group. Multi-group assignment is not supported by the DALI-level IP DaliControl, but must be done by assigning KNX communication objects if necessary. The power supply required for up to 64 connected electronic ballasts comes directly from the DaliControl IP gateway. Additional DALI power is not required and is not allowed.

A number of communication objects are available to visualize status and error information at the ECG level, to groups and gateways. In addition to controlling all standard types of plant equipment, the DaliControl IP Gateway also allows the operation of separate emergency lights (EN 62386-202).
In the case of stand-alone emergency lights, a distinction is made between devices with switchable electronic ballasts (usually emergency lights with one electronic ballast) and devices with non-switchable electronic ballasts (converters), which are usually used in conjunction with another normal electronic ballast (2 electronic ballasts per light). Using the DaliControl IP Gateway, it is possible to combine and operate different ECG types within the DALI segment. Emergency lighting systems with a central battery are also supported.

The device also has a scene module for extensive scene programming of up to 16 scenes from groups and individual electronic ballasts, as well as an effect module for sequence control and lighting effects.

Commissioning and configuration as well as group assignment of the MDT DaliControl IP Gateway takes place either via the control buttons on the device or via the integrated web server. Quick identification and group assignment of connected Dali segments can thus take place without a connection to the KNX bus. The network connection is via a standard RJ45 socket. You need ETS for commissioning and configuration of the MDT DaliControl IP Gateway.

Product description:
- Support for various DALI electronic ballasts (DT6 / DT8)
- Individual control of up to 64 electronic ballasts / 16 DALI groups
- Innovative control of HSV, RGB, RGBW and XY colors according to the Dali DT8 standard (16 DALI groups)
- Tunable white, color temperature control (16 DALI groups)
- Integrated color control module for time-dependent control
- Operating modes normal operation, continuous operation, night operation, stair operation and panic operation
- Manual control for all 16 groups
- 16 scenes with individual dimming time
- Energy saving function for switching off electronic ballasts in DALI groups (via additional KNX switching actuator)
- Simple group assignment directly on the display
- Commissioning Dali is possible via a web browser or control buttons on devices without KNX
- Detection of faults, lamp faults and faulty electronic ballasts
- Quick electronic ballast replacement
- Free DCA application to start the DALI bus system

Technical specifications:
- Number of groups: 16
- Number of electronic ballasts: 64
- Maximum voltage Dali: 16-20 V DC
- Maximum current Dali 250 mA
KNX interface specification: TP-256 with Long frame support for ETS5
Available KNX databases: ETS5
Maximum cable cross section:
- Screw terminals: 0.5 - 4.0 mm² fixed 0.5 - 2.5 mm² fine stranded
- KNX bus terminal: Ø 0.8 mm, solid conductor
Supply voltage: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Power consumption 230 V AC typ .: < 7 W
Ambient temperature: 0 degrees Celsius to +45 degrees Celsius

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