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by Hager

TXA306 Binary Input Module

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Type: Hager TXA306 Binary inputs (Universal)

Bus System: EIB

Power supply: system voltage 30 V DC

Input voltage 24 ... 230V AC / DC

Control with backlit buttons: 5

Maximum cable length to buttons: 100

Inputs: 6 independent binary inputs, each with 2 connections

Degree of protection: IP20

Construction: DIN sheets

Switching on / off (sending also with time delay and periodic sending)
Dimming (dimming with 1 and 2 buttons), UP / DOWN (control with 1 and 2 buttons, also move as long as it is pressed). Transmitter of values for temperature, brightness, dimming value in%. 
Alarm input with periodic sending and signal selection. Two-channel input mode for switching and recalling values: function 1 by short keystroke, function 2 by long keystroke. Selecting the setpoint for the heating function. Blocking function. Forced control. Call timer. Call up a scene with a button (1 scene) or a switch (2 scenes). Manual control (can be locked permanently or temporarily). Simulation of each input state using the manual control button. The input LED can be parameterized. It is possible to define the behavior during bus voltage initialization and recovery. Power failure monitoring. Automatic detection of connected contacts. Each input can be used differently. Quiescent current per input 5 mA.

Application software: TL306A

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Odhadovaná doba doručenia: 10 - 18 dní