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by Hager

TXB302 Binary Input Module

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Type: HAGER TXB302 Binary inputs 

Bus System: KNX

Power supply: system voltage 30 V DC

Input voltage: 5V

Inputs: 2

Degree of protection: IP44

Mounting: Recessed

Independent binary inputs. For connecting potential-free contacts (max. Cable length 5 m) such as : Standard pushbuttons, window contacts, signal contacts in general, thermostats. The search voltage is generated by the device (SELV). Commissioning with TX100B (version 2.2)

Switching on / off, dimming (dimming with 1 and 2 buttons), up / down (control with 1 and 2 buttons), alarm input with regular sending, selection of setpoint for heating function, forced control, call timer, scene recall with button.

Estimated delivery time: 6 - 10 days