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1149-85 KNX SmartMeter with converter up to 85A without RT

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Type: Enertex 1149-85 KNX SmartMeter with converter up to 85A without RT (real time)

Without RT (Real Time). No hours.
The KNX Smartmeter is a two-way meter for measuring active and reactive energy or power, as well as monitoring network quality. The measurement is performed either in a three-phase system or in three independent single-phase systems with accuracy class 1 (1%).

Features of the device:
- Plug-in current sensors for measurement range from 2 mA to 85 A per phase and power from 0.5 W to 58 kW
- Electricity meters of accuracy class 1 (1% for active and reactive energy)
- Use of high-precision current sensors (Rogowski coils) that are calibrated to the device at the factory
- Accurate measurements of very low currents down to 0.002% of nominal current (= 2 mA)
- Low-loss current measurement (< 2 mW loss)
- The supplied current sensors are suitable for surface mounting and can be installed directly at the point of power supply from the mains
- Since it is powered exclusively via the KNX bus, the device can measure currents and voltages
even if the mains voltage is not 230 V at the voltage measurement inputs or if the voltage was
- The active power measurement range is from 0.5 W to 19,550 W or 58,650 W (three-phase)
- All measured values (current, voltage, active power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, power factor, THD-U, THD-I, network harmonics, unbalanced load, zero current, network frequency cy) are displayed on the KNX bus
- All measured values and measured variables are also recorded in text form (standard csv format) with a time stamp on the SD card for further data processing
- In addition to specialized functions for power-based load management, optimization of own energy consumption in PV systems, calculation of user or feed-in tariffs with tariff switching and to avoid load peaks, the ETS application also provides various monitoring functions
- Condition monitoring: Exceeding limit values, events such as voltage failures, high voltage, spikes, large network distortion, high reactive power consumption, very uneven 3-phase load (unbalanced load) or high neutral conductor load can be reported via KNX telegram
- Measurement of harmonics up to the 50th harmonic of current and voltage for performance assessment
- Real-time analysis of network-related electrical equipment failures and damage
- Special energy meters for monitoring photovoltaic systems (balance, production and consumption meters)
- DIN rail case with 4M

Power supply / connection:
- The Smartmeter is completely powered by the knx bus

Display and operation:
- LED for energy measurement 1 to 3, Power/SD-Write and programming mode
- Programming button

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