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206905 KNX G1 - black 6 " PoE

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Description: The Gira G1 is a multifunctional room control device for visualizing and operating various building functions. For use in the KNX system and the Gira door communication system.

EAN: 4010337014270

Bus System: KNX 

Degree of protection: IP21

Mounting: Recessed

Screen size: 6 inches

Product features
- Control is via a multi-touch display with gesture support.
- Gira G1 with flush-mounted PoE LAN connection module. Power is supplied via a network line (Power-over-Ethernet).
- Connection and communication takes place via LAN.
- Data communication via LAN.
- Integrated speaker.
- Two integrated echo cancellation microphones.

Features as KNX room control device
- Intuitive and customizable user interface.
- Switching, dimming, control of blinds and shutters, value transmitter, scene extension.
- Status display, date and time display, indoor and outdoor temperature display.
- Up to 125 functions (five function folders or rooms with up to 25 functions in each).
- Up to 125 weekly switching hours with 10 switching times.

Features as KNX room temperature controller
- Display and operation of the room temperature controller via the device display.
- Integrated room temperature controller (heating or cooling or heating and cooling) in conjunction with a Gira G1 temperature sensor module or a 4-way Gira G1 input module with remote sensor (Gira remote sensor or PT1000 sensor).
- Operating modes: comfort, standby, night and frost or heat protection. Operating modes can be individually adapted.
- Extend comfort with the presence button.
- Switching frost or thermal protection through the window state.
- Heating timer as a weekly timer with 28 switching times.

Features as a video home station
- Camera switching: targeted selection of connected color cameras.
- Door opener control.
- Activate and deactivate ringtones.
- Answer a call.
- Adjust ringtone and speech volume.

Integration of Internet services
- Weather portal Gira: weather forecast display for up to five places.

Technical specifications:
Power Consumption - Typical: 4 W.
Power supply - PoE power class 0: DC 48 V PoE
Power consumption - Minimum: 2 W.
LAN standard: IEEE 802.3af
Display - Type: TFT
Interconnect Cable - Ethernet Specification: Cat.5e, Cat.6, Cat.6a, Cat.7
- Size: 15.3 cm (6 ")
- Colors: 16.7 M.
- Resolution: 480 x 800 px (WVGA), 155 ppi
- Jas: 350 cd / qm
- Contrast ratio: 1: 500
- Viewing angle:> 80 degrees around
Proximity sensor:
- Range: max 50 cm
- Detection area: 30 degrees horizontal, 30 degrees vertical
KNX standards
- DPTs transmitter values: 5,010, 6,010, 5,001, 5,004, 9,001
Ambient temperature: 0 ° C to + 45 ° C

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