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by Gira

213900 KNX 6-output heating / cooling actuator

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Type: GIRA 213900 KNX 6-output heating / cooling actuator

EAN: 4010337110194

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: DIN rail

Heating actuator with integrated room temperature controller for controlling thermal valves for heating and cooling systems.

6 independent outputs of electronic valves. Valve output 1 can be used as a template for other valve outputs. Notification of the largest driver variable is configurable. The valve can be activated with a nominal voltage of 24 V or 230 V.
Valve control (open/closed when de-energized) can be configured for each outlet. Configurable status feedback. Notification of valve operating voltage failure is configurable. Overload and short circuit warning can be set separately for each valve output. Summer or winter mode can be selected through the object. Each valve outlet can be locked in a forced position. Different values of corrected variables can be parameterized for summer and winter mode. Loop monitoring for each output variable. Automatic valve flushing. Operating hours counter configurable for each output. Service activity for maintenance or installation of valve drives. Manual output control independent of KNX. Bus failure and recovery responses can be set for each valve output after the ETS programming process.
Various actively broadcast status messages can be globally delayed after bus power is restored.

Room temperature controller
12 independent room temperature regulators. Room temperature controller 1 can be used as a template for other room temperature controllers. Operating modes: Comfort, standby, night and frost/heat protection. Each operating mode can be assigned its own desired temperature values. Temperature setpoint specification: relative (derived from the basic setpoint) or absolute (separate temperature setpoint for each operating mode). Presence detection using the presence button or presence detector. Switching of operating modes according to the KNX specification. Switching of anti-freeze/heat protection by detecting the state of the window or the drop in temperature. Operating modes: "Heating", "Cooling" and "Heating and cooling" with or without additional stage.
Different types of regulation can be configured according to the heating or cooling level: PI regulation (constant or switching PWM) or 2-point regulation (switching). Different types of heating and cooling can be set. Control parameters for PI controller (proportional range, reset time) and 2-point controller (hysteresis) can be set. Automatic and object-oriented switching between "Heating" and "Cooling". Variable outputs can be deactivated via objects. Room temperature measurement using up to two external KNX temperature sensors. Generation of measured values using external sensors, configurable or cyclical monitoring.
After a parameterizable deviation, the actual and desired temperature values can be sent to the bus (also cyclically). Separate or shared variable output in heating or cooling mode (4-pipe or 2-pipe system). Floor temperature limitation is possible in heating and cooling mode. Limitation of the desired temperature value is possible in the cooling mode. An increase in the desired temperature value is possible in the heating mode. Boost function for faster heating and cooling. Scenes: Up to 64 internal scenes can be configured per controller. Including scene memory function and advanced scene search (scene switching). The device has 8 internal logic functions.

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