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by Gira

218000 KNX DALI Gate Plus

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Type: GIRA 218000 KNX DALI Gate Plus

EAN: 4010337011064

Bus System: KNX (TP), DALI

Degree of protection: IP20

Construction: DIN sheets

- The DALI Gateway Plus forms the interface between the KNX installation and the DALI digital lighting system.
- Control: a maximum of 64 DALI control devices as individual control, group control in a maximum of 32 groups or central control via telegram transmission.
- Manual operation of devices also independent of the bus (also construction site operation with broadcasting).
- Energy saving function: The supply voltage of the DALI control devices can be switched off when switched off (via the additional KNX switching actuator).
- 16 light scenes.
- Groups can be included in lighting scenes.
- Configurable effect control for up to 16 sequences in 1 to 500 cycles (or infinity).
- Feedback from a DALI fault or short circuit and warning of a power failure.
- Active or passive cyclic feedback function.
- Aggregate feedback of all possible switching states.
- Feedback may be delayed when the bus voltage is restored.
- Switching and brightness value: Active (when changing or cyclically sending to the bus) or passive feedback functions.
- Possibility to adjust the brightness range.
- Lamp-friendly switching on and off.
- Configurable dimming behavior.
- Time functions (on and off delay, extended staircase function, pre-warning function according to DIN 18015-2 or reduced permanent lighting).
- It is possible to configure the blocking function or alternative forced position functions for each group. With the deactivation function, the lighting groups may flash.
- Read DALI device status via KNX.
- Hour meter
- Online or offline configuration of DALI subscribers with ETS plug-in.
- One faulty DALI device can be replaced during operation without ETS.
- Suitable for operation in emergency lighting systems.
- Control and monitoring of stand-alone and centrally powered DALI emergency lighting systems.
- Support for DALI emergency light converters according to EN 62386-202 (stand-alone emergency lights with DALI interface): functionality test, endurance test, limited endurance test, battery charge status query.

Technical specifications:

Rated voltage:
- AC: AC 110 až 240 V, 50/60 Hz
- DC: DC 110 to 240 V
Power dissipation: max 3W
- for KNX: Connection and branch terminal
- DALI: screw terminals
Cable lengths between gate and control device
- Ø 1,50 mm²: max. 300 m
- Ø 1,00 mm²: maximum 238 m
- Ø 0,75 mm²: maximum 174 m
- Ø 0.50 mm²: maximum 116 m
Ambient temperature: -5 degrees C to +45 degrees C

- Operation of emergency lighting systems:
Legal and regulatory requirements vary from country to country. In any case, the user / specialist designer must check that the specific specifications are complied with.
- VDE approval according to EN 60669-1, EN 60669-2-1, EN 50428
- Configuration and commissioning of the installation from ETS 4.1 (recommendation) or with ETS 3 from version "d".

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