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5WG1143-1AB01 IP Gateway KNX-BACnet - N 143/01

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Type: Siemens 5WG1143-1AB01 IP Gateway KNX-BACnet

Description: N 143/01 - IP Gateway KNX/BACnet

EAN: 7612914097538

- a modular device that connects the KNX installation with a system that uses BACnet IP for communication. The gateway offers up to 250 communication objects through which KNX functions (group addresses) are implemented on BACnet objects.

Network communication: Ethernet: 100 BaseT (100 Mbps)
Supported Internet protocols: ARP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP/IP, DHCP
KNXnet/IP according to the Konnex system specification: Core, Device Management, Tunneling

Bus: DC 24 V (DC 21 to 30 V)
Current consumption: 40mA
Auxiliary power supply: AC 12-24V, DC 12-30V

Control: 1 learning button to switch between normal mode and addressing mode

· KNX: Bus terminal (black-red), screwless Ø 0.6...0.8 mm
· Ethernet/IP network: RJ45 socket
Power supply: Bus terminal (yellow-white), screwless 0.6 to 0.8 mm

Dimensions: 4 modules
Fire load: 3245 kJ
Mounting: DIN rail
Protection class: IP20
Degree of pollution: 2
Impact category: 43
Ambient temperature: 0 to +45 degrees Celsius

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