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by Merten

663991 Light and temperature sensor

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Type: MERTEN 663991 KNX Light and temperature sensor

Bus System: KNX

Power consumption: max 150 mW

Sensors: 2

Temperature measuring range: - 25 degrees C ... + 55 degrees C (± 5% or ± 1 degree)

Brightness measuring range: 1 ... 100,000 Lux (± 20% or ± 5 Lux)

Degree of protection: IP54

Mounting: Surface (Mounting with cover)

The sensor detects brightness, temperature and sends these values to the bus. 3 universal channels for individual tasks or links. The temperature and brightness threshold can be combined as required. Sun protection duct for blinds / shutters.
Objects for: twilight threshold, brightness thresholds, driving control, automatic sun, learning, safety. Automatic sun protection. Independently controls the blind during the day.
Learning object. Each brightness threshold can be redefined at the touch of a button. Suitable for outdoor wall mounting. With integrated bus clutch. The bus is connected via the bus terminal.

Odhadovaná doba doručenia: 10 - 18 dní