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by Merten

670802 3V binary input module

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Type: MERTEN 670802 KNX-binary inputs-button interface

Bus System: KNX

Contact voltage: <3 V (SELV)

Contact current: <0,5 mA

Output current: max 2 mA

Maximum cable length: 30 cm unshielded, extendable up to 7.5 m with twisted, unshielded 

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: Recessed

Internally, it generates a signal voltage for connecting two conventional buttons or.
potential-free contacts and for connecting two low-current LEDs. The length of the wires is 30 cm and can be extended to a maximum of 7.5 m. For installation in
standard cabinet / box 60 mm.

INSTABUS EIB software features:
Switching, dimming or controlling blinds via 1 or 2 inputs, position values for blind control (8-bit), signal change with 1-, 2-, 4- or 8-bit telegrams. Difference between short and long press. Activation, initialization telegram, cyclic sending, signal change with 2-byte telegrams, 8-bit slider, scenes, counter, lock function, open / closed contact. Outputs for connection of light indicators (low-current LEDs) for status display.

Extension: 2-color LED light pendant for switch inserts, no.

Estimated delivery time: 6 - 10 days