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9025 Capacitive thermostat, KNX switch - LINE SERIES, 3 modules - 7 buttons - H

Type: Hotel version

The package contains both the front and back parts (controller + glass)

Thermostat 9025 is a KNX® room temperature controller that includes 7 configurable capacitive buttons for on/off, dimming, rolling shutters, scene recall and control, object sequences, local thermostat control, etc. The device offers a 2-stage thermostat with an integrated PI controller for controlling heating and cooling devices, valves, 2- and 4-pipe fan coils, etc.. The device has a built-in temperature sensor and a rear 2-pole connector, configurable as a digital or analog input; An additional NTC temperature probe can be connected for direct temperature measurement (electronic codes TS01A01ACC or TS01B01ACC - not included in delivery). The 9025 series has an RGB LED strip on the front to visualize the operating modes of the thermostat or feedbacks and other values ​​available via the KNX bus. Montage in a 3-module box and complies with the main standards (British, German, Italian, etc.). The device is equipped with a KNX communication interface.

black: RT07A01KNX-3-3M + 9025GT307L03-H

white: RT07A01KNX-1-3M + 9025GT307L01-H

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Link to manufacturer informations 2

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