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925 001 Surge arrester for KNX / EIB

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Type: DEHN 925 001 Surge arrester for KNX / EIB

EAN: 4013364047365

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Mounting: Built-in installation

Surge arrester that is adapted to the KNX / EIB installation environment in terms of discharge capacity, protective effect and mechanics. Like the bus terminal, it can be plugged into the bus terminals of the terminal and connected using existing connecting cables. The arrester can also be connected to an existing bus terminal on the terminal. In particular, linear or flat connectors are protected, as well as gates and sensors on the external walls of buildings.

- Minimum space requirements in the design of the KNX / EIB bus terminal
- System tested with EIBA certification

Technical specifications
Barrier class: Type 2
Rated voltage (Un): 24V
Maximum continuous DC voltage (UC): 45 V
Rated current (IL): 6A
D1 Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) per conductor: 1 kA
C2 Rated discharge current per core (In): 5 kA
Ad-Ad protection level at In C2: 1200 V
Ad-PG protection level at In C2: 650 V
Ad-Ad protection level at 1 kV / C3s C3: 750 V
Ad-PG protection level at 1 kV / C3s C3: 500 V
Ad-ad cut-off frequency (fG): 70 MHz
Ad-Ad Capacity: 10 pF
Ad-PG Capacity: 10 pF
Operating temperature range (TU): -40 degrees C ... +80 degrees C
Degree of protection: IP 20
Connection: spring contacts Ø1 mm / connecting cables Ø0.8 mm
Grounding via: cable 0.75 mm2, length 200 mm
Case material: thermoplastic
Blue color
Test standards: IEC 61643-21
Approvals: EIBA Certification No. Z 32/1399/95, EAC
Weight: 10g

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Estimated delivery time: 6 - 10 days