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IC00P02DAL KNX DALI Gateway, 1-output, tunable white

Type: eelectron IC00P02DAL KNX DALI Gateway, 1-output, tunable white - color temperature control (DALI Device Type 8)

Bus System: KNX (TP), DALI

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: DIN rail

GTIN: 8054144521220

The DALI gateway forms the interface between the KNX installation and the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) digital lighting system.
KNX/DALI Interface GATEWAY Tunable White enables switching and dimming of a maximum of 64 lights using a DALI control device (e.g. electronic ballast).

Up to 6 different types of addressing of the DALI gateway enable group-oriented and individually addressed control of DALI lights via KNX telegrams. This enables the integration of room-specific lighting control, for example open offices, multi-purpose spaces, production facilities, training and presentation rooms or showcases into the higher level of KNX building management. Depending on the configuration, up to 32 independent DALI groups are available for group addressing.

For alternative control, these can be supplemented with 64 individually addressable channels of the DALI device as needed. Optionally, master control of all connected DALI components (broadcasting) is possible. This means that there is no need for DALI commissioning, which means that lighting systems with a small number of functions can be started quickly and easily (simplified configuration without DALI commissioning).

The DALI gateway is powered completely via mains voltage and provides the DALI system voltage (typ. DC 16 V).

Color temperature control (DALI Device Type 8)
The KNX DALI gateway supports the control of DALI operating devices of the device type "Colour Control" (DALI Device Type 8) in the specific version "Tunable White (TW)". This makes it possible to control the color temperature of the light source using suitable control devices and DALI lamps. The gateway allows control of color temperature with relative or absolute dimming, as well as with scenes and effects. Color temperature control is largely independent of brightness control and the lamp used.

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