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IO08F01KNX Universal module 8x inputs/outputs 16A

Type: eelectron IO08F01KNX Universal module 8x inputs/outputs 16A

Bus System: KNX

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: DIN rail

GTIN: 8054144521299

The IO08F01KNX device is an EIB / KNX module with 8 relay outputs that can be configured as:

– 8 outputs for light/load control
– 8 channels for valve in PWM (electromagnetic drives)
– 4 channels for controlling blinds
– 4 channels for 3-point valve control
– 2 fan coil drive 2-tube

The device also includes 8 inputs that can be connected to buttons, switches or configured as outputs to activate individual signaling LEDs (electron code LD00A01ACC / LD00A11ACC) and can be used for on / off, dimming, blinds, sequences, step-by-step commands etc.
The 4 inputs are configurable as analog to connect NTC temperature probes (see electronic probe code TS00A01ACC / TS00B01ACC), with which you can send 4 temperature measurements on the bus and control simple on/off.

It is also possible to activate 2 complete thermostat modules; each thermostat module controls 2 stages with an integrated PI controller to drive heating and cooling devices, valves, 2- and 4-pipe fan coils, etc.

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Link to manufacturer informations 2

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