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IP Video Indoor station DoorBird A1101 - white

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Type: DoorBird IP Video Indoor station DoorBird A1101 - white, more than 50 rings

EAN: 4260423860902

IP Video The DoorBird indoor station is an ideal addition to any DoorBird system. When paired with our DoorBird IP video intercom, the indoor station provides live video streaming, two-way audio communication, as well as door and gate control.
The indoor station is compact and designed to complement any environment. The DoorBird Indoor Station has a touchscreen display made of scratch-resistant tempered Gorilla® glass with an intuitive user interface. It also features configurable hard buttons with clear symbols for common functions.

Individual bell alerts can be selected for multiple DoorBird door intercoms to indicate which entrance the visitor is calling from. When it rings, the LED light at the bottom of the indoor station will flash as a visual warning. The color of the LED light can be customized for multiple DoorBird door intercoms.

DoorBird Indoor Station can connect to the network via WiFi or a network cable. If the indoor station is connected using a network cable, it can be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE) for quick and easy installation. If the Internet fails, all functions will continue to work within the local network. Once connected to the internet, the indoor station can connect you to all your DoorBird door intercoms - anywhere in the world. If more than one indoor station is used, room-to-room communication between all indoor stations is supported. You can also call a SIP phone by pressing a button, e.g. contact the doorman or property manager. Calls from a SIP phone to an internal station and an entry station are also possible.

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