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KNX Presence detector STANDARD PD00E01KNX-3 with lighting control - black

Type: eelectron Presence detector KNX STANDARD (PD00E01KNX-3) suitable for ceiling mounting, controls detection and contains a brightness sensor for environmental lighting control - black

GTIN: 8054144521527

The STANDARD version has a rear connector with 3 digital inputs that can be connected to potential-free buttons or switches and used for on/off commands, dimming, blinds or blinds/scenarios, sequences, step commands, etc.
One of the 3 inputs can be configured as analog for connecting NTC temperature probes, which can be used to send temperature measurements to the bus or manage a complete thermostat module.

The thermostat controls 2 stages with an integrated PI controller to control heating and cooling devices, valves, 2 and 4-pipe fan coils, etc.

Presence detection based on a passive infrared sensor has 5 independently configurable channels with different functions that can be activated.
In addition, 12 logical blocks are available to implement simple expressions with logical or threshold operators or complex expressions with algebraic and conditional operators;
It is possible to use predefined algorithms such as proportional temperature and humidity control or dew point calculation.

The device also integrates "virtual holder logic"; the area of ​​use is a hotel room: with the help of a magnetic sensor installed on the door and connected to the digital input (also to the sensor itself), accurate presence information is managed.

A presence detection solution can deduce the presence of people in a room using one or more dedicated sensors.
It also detects unexpected presence and can distinguish more behaviors.

The device controls the ambient lighting based on the measured light intensity; it is also possible to enable a logic called "Circadian Rhythm" by which brightness and color temperature are stored based on predefined curves or based on the actual position of the sun during the day relative to the Earth's coordinates.
This function allows you to restore light comfort in an environment as close to reality as possible.

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