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by Elsner

KNX PS640-IP 2U Intelligent power supply 640mA

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Type: ELSNER KNX PS640-IP 2U Intelligent power supply 640mA

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Degree of protection: IP20

The KNX PS640-IP 2U intelligent power supply with extensive diagnostic and alarm functions supplies one line of the KNX system with 30 V DC and has an additional unthrottled voltage output to provide auxiliary power. Both outputs are resistant to overload and short circuit. The LEDs indicate the status of the power supply and the KNX TP line. The KNX TP line can be reset by object and by pressing the button. Input status, KNX bus voltage, output current, device temperature and operating times (total/since last start) are monitored for diagnostics. Alarms inform about measured values leaving the normal working range or the configured threshold range. Up to eight different alarms can be predefined.

KNX PS640-IP 2U is able to send information telegrams on demand, periodically and after certain events. Details (number/duration) of output faults such as shorts, overloads and over-threshold events are available. Information telegrams also inform about the return to normal working status after starting the device, after restarting the KNX bus and after a short circuit. Periodic telegrams indicate proper functioning.

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