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LCM-40KN - KNX LED Driver 40W - CC

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Type: MEANWELL LCM-40KN - KNX LED Driver  40W - CC

EAN: 4711287463285

MEAN WELL impulse source for LED applications with IP20 protection, with PFC, with dimming and KNX control function. The output parameters are set using a DIP switch. The source can be directly connected to the KNX bus in an intelligent installation.

The LCM-40KN series is a 40W output LED driver in AC/DC constant current mode with multiple levels selectable by dip switch and KNX interface to avoid the use of complicated KNX-DALl gateway. The LCM-40KN operates from 180~ 295VAC and offers various current levels ranging from 350mA to 1050mA. Thanks to the high efficiency of up to 90%, with a fanless design, the whole series is able to work at a temperature of -30℃ ~ +90℃ with free air convection. In addition, the LCM-40KN is equipped with dimming and synchronization to provide optimal design flexibility for an LED lighting system.

Output: 350mA, 500, 600, 700, 900, 1050mA

Input: 180÷295V AC, 254÷417V DC

Power: 40W

Dimensions: 123.5x81.5x23 mm

Weight: 0.24 kg

KNX/ElB protocol

Flicker free design

Emergency lighting (EL) support

Integrated constant light output

Integrated KNX button interface

Synchronization of up to 10 units

Features: manual dimming, operating hours, power consumption feedback, log/linear curve selection...etc

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