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MTN6725-0004 DALI-Gate Basic 2-outputs

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Type: MTN6725-0004 KNX DALI-Gate Basic REG-K / 2/16/64 - 2 channels

EAN: 3606489484057

Supply voltage: AC / DC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Outputs: 2x DALI D +, D-, DC16-18 V (basic insulation, without SELV), max.250mA, short-circuit proof

Interfaces: KNX, DALI

Type: DALI control device category I (single master)

Degree of protection: IP20

Construction: DIN sheets

The KNX DALI gateway connects the KNX bus with 2 DALI outputs. The gateway is a DALI category I control device with integrated DALI power supply for electronic ballasts.
Up to 64 electronic ballasts can be switched and dimmed in 16 groups and controlled via 16 scenes. In addition, it is possible to interpret various color commands (eg white tone control, RGB, XY and HSV) from, for example, KNX buttons and control DALI DT8 lights accordingly. The operating hours recorder records the operating hours of the groups. Error messages from individual ECGs and groups can be sent and visualized via KNX. The color control module allows up to 16 time brightness and color controls on a weekly basis, provided the device is connected to time synchronization. Up to 16 time programs with up to 300 DALI output commands can be activated or deactivated via KNX objects.
DALI commissioning and configuration, group assignment and scene setting can be performed using the ETS application and the ETS application. (DCA). With integrated bus clutch. The bus is connected via the bus terminal, no data bar is required.

KNX software features:
- Switching, dimming, value and color objects per group, as well as switching, value and color objects to control the broadcast
- Stair lighting function with low beam and pre-warning, operating modes normal, continuous, night and panic operation
- Differentiated analysis of errors according to ECG and group
- Scenes with brightness and color
- Energy savings possible by reducing standby losses of electronic ballasts with additional KNX switch
- Using the color control module, brightness and color can be controlled based on the weekly timer. (Requirement: synchronization of the day of the week and time) Time transitions of up to 90 s are also possible
- Up to 16 time programs can be controlled via KNX objects
- Operating hours can be recorded for each group, reset and sent as an alarm when the limit value is exceeded
- The firmware can be updated using a micro SD card formatted to FAT32

Estimated delivery time: 10 - 18 days