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MTN6730-0002 SpaceLogic KNX Heating actuator 230V/24V

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Type: Schneider Electric MTN6730-0002 SpaceLogic KNX Heating actuator 230V/24V

EAN: 3606481978332

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: DIN rail

For controlling electrothermal valve drives for heating or ceiling cooling. The valve drive controller has 6 electronic outputs. Up to 4 valve drives (230 V AC) or 2 valve drives (24 V AC) can be connected to each output. Both closed without voltage and open valve drives can be connected without voltage. It contains 6 integrated room temperature controllers (RTC) that work independently of each other. The controlled variable outputs of these RTCs can be internally connected to the valve outputs so that temperature control and valve control can be performed by only one bus participant when required. In this case, no external room temperature controller (e.g. button with RTR) is needed. Since the valve outputs can be controlled individually, an external RTR can also be used at any time. Integrated room temperature controllers can send a telegram of the desired value to the bus and thus control other heating drives or fan coil drives. The outputs are activated either by a switch (1 bit) or by an activated PWM signal (1 byte). Each output is protected against overload and short circuit. All outputs can be controlled manually using a button. The bus is connected via the bus connection terminal.

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