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P04-KNX-GPS - Weather Station 71230

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Type:ELSNER 71230 Weather Station P04-KNX-GPS

Meteorological station P04-KNX-GPS for the bus system of KNX buildings measures temperature, wind speed and brightness. It detects precipitation and receives a GPS signal for time and location.

In the compact housing P04-KNX-GPS, sensors, evaluation circuits and the electronics of the bus bond are located.

Wind strength is measured electronically and thus soundless and reliably even during hail, snow and minus temperatures. There is even turbulent air and a rising wind near the device.
If the wind measurement value changes by less than ± 0.5 m/s within 48 hours, the maximum measured value of 35 m/s is displayed as an error report. As a result, all wind alarms with a limit value below 35 m/s are activated.

The surface of the sensor is heated, so as precipitation only drops and flakes are recognized, but not fog or dew. When rain or snow cease, the sensor is soon dry again and the precipitation warning is over.

The configuration is done using the KNX ETS Software.

EAN: 4051996712305

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