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by Steinel

Motion sensor 056339 True Presence KNX 360 °

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Type: STEINEL 056339 True Presence KNX 360 ° presence detector - white

EAN: 4007841056339

True Presence was developed as the first true presence detector. It reliably reports whether a person is in the room or not. As a result, safe absence detection is possible for the first time. With this information, it is possible to reliably turn on the lights without a run-down time and avoid unnecessary electricity costs. In addition, knowledge of actual presence or absence offers many other applications that have the greatest value for building management. It sets a new standard in modern building automation.

KNX functions:
- the presence
- still light
- Jas
- humidity
- temperature
- rosný bod
- comfort
- absence

Supply voltage: KNX bus
Sensor technology: high frequency
Installation type: recessed
RF technology: 7.2 GHz
Electronic scalability: Yes
Mechanical scalability: No.
Mounting height: 2.00-12.00 m
Optimum mounting height: 2.8 m
Detection angle: 360 degrees
Opening angle: 160 degrees
Creep protection: Yes
Segment blackout: No.
Radial reach: Ø 15 m (177 m²)
Tangential range: Ø 15 m (177 m²)
Twilight setting TEACH: Yes
Twilight setting: 2 -1000 lx
Time setting: 30 s -1092 min.
With remote control: no
Degree of protection (IP): IP20
Material: plastic
Ambient temperature: 0 - 40 degrees Celsius
Color: white, RAL 9010
Variant: KNX

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