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by Steinel

Motion sensor 059644 iHF 3D KNX V3.5 160 °

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Type: STEINEL Motion sensor 059644 iHF 3D KNX V3.5 160 ° - white

EAN: 4007841059644

Find out what you want. It integrates into the building network. iHF 3D KNX motion detector, ideal for facades, carports, parking areas and terraces. 160 ° iHF sensor with a range of 5 m, 3D aviation technology, identifies and distinguishes moving objects, no more unintentional launch by small animals, very low or high temperatures. He detects everything just as well, no matter from which direction he approaches it. The new version of Bluetooth allows you to start programming mode and update the software using the application.

Power supply: KNX bus
Sensor technology: iHF (intelligent high frequency technology)
Usage: exterior, interior, (front door, around the building, terrace / balcony, courtyard, driveway ...)
Installation: surface
HF system: 5.8 GHz
Electronic scalability: yes
Mechanical scalability: no
Mounting height: 1.80 - 2.00 m
Optimum mounting height: 1.8 m
Detection angle: 160 °
Aperture angle: 100 °
Stolen guard: Yes
Possibility to mask individual segments: Yes
Detection zone adjustable on 3 axes
Range, radial: r = 5 m (35 m²)
Range, tangential: r = 5 m (35 m²)
Twilight setting TEACH: yes
Twilight setting: 10 - 2000 lx
Time setting: 10 s - 1092 min.
Permanent lighting control: no
Basic lighting level function: yes
Functional time of the basic lighting level: 10s - 18h 12min 15s
Headlight adjustable: 0 - 100%
Presence detector logic
Settings via: ETS software, bus, Bluetooth, application, potentiometers, smartphone
Connection: yes
Protection: IP54
Ambient temperature: -20 - 50 ° C
Color: white RAL 9010
Interface: KNX

Estimated delivery time: 6 - 10 days

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