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by Theben

Motion sensor 1019611 theLuxa P300 BK KNX

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Type: Theben Motion sensor 1019611 theLuxa P300 BK KNX

EAN: 4003468100387

Protection class: IP55

- Motion detector (PIR)
- Automatic lighting control depending on presence and brightness
- Can be integrated into the KNX building system technology
- For external use
- For wall and ceiling mounting
- Integrated temperature sensor
- For larger, commercial outdoor properties such as administrative buildings, hotels, schools, underground parking lots and warehouses
- Programmable using the ETS software for KNX
- Adjustable brightness switching value and delay time
- Sensitivity can be reduced
- Delimitation of the area using a cover clip
- Mixed light measurement
- Pulse function
- Test function to check the detection area
- Possibility of installation on a box under the plaster (60 mm).
- Immediate commissioning via presets
- Spacer frame and corner mounting bracket are part of the delivery

Operating voltage: KNX bus voltage, <10 mA
Brightness adjustment range: 1 – 3000 lx
Detection angle: 300°
Protection against crawling: Ø 6 m
Light tracking time: 1 s - 60 min
Light metering type: mixed light metering
Ambient temperature: -25 °C … +45 °C
Color: black
Protection class: III

Odhadovaná doba doručenia: 6 - 10 dní