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Motion sensor ESYLUX EB10430442 PD 360/8 KNX Basic

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Type: Motion sensor ESYLUX EB10430442 PD 360/8 KNX Basic

EAN: 4015120430442

BASIC presence and motion detectors offer easy entry into demand-driven building automation for intelligent lighting control. They are especially suitable for cost-intensive projects or building areas where simple functionality is sufficient and, thanks to high-quality PIR and light sensors from ESYLUX, they still provide quality, energy efficiency and comfort.

Degree of protection: IP40
Permissible ambient temperature: 5 to +35 degrees Celsius
Relative humidity: 5 - 93%, non-condensing
Color: white, similar to RAL 9010
Control system: KNX
Protection class: III
Rated voltage: 29-31VDC
Power consumption: 0.2W
Current consumption: 6mA
Detection angle: 360 degrees
Detection range across: Ø 8 m
Front detection range: Ø 6 m
Detector presence area: Ø 3 m
Detection area: up to 50 m²
Recommended mounting height: 3 m
Maximum mounting height: 5 m
Light measurement: mixed light
Brightness value: 5 2000 lx

Channels (lighting / HVAC):
Number of light channels: 1
Slave input: yes
Mode: semi-automatic, fully automatic
KNX input: manual light control, object blocking, reset, slave
KNX output: light channel c1
KNX functions: master / slave function, manual control
Channel: lighting C1
Function: switching
Switching contact: bus system
Tracking time: 30 s to 720 minutes (adjustable in steps)

Estimated delivery time: 6 - 10 days

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