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PWM-120-12KN - KNX LED Driver 10A/12V/1x - CV

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Type: MEANWELL PWM-120-12KN - KNX LED Driver 10A/12V/1x - CV

EAN: 4711287463322

MEAN WELL pulse voltage source for LED applications with high IP67 protection and the possibility of dimming based on pulse width modulation (pwm) of constant output voltage. Suitable for dimming voltage LED strips with series connection of chips with resistance. The source has a special input for intelligent KNX installations.

The PWM KN series is a 120W AC/DC constant voltage mode LED driver with PWM style output, capable of maintaining color temperature and brightness homogeneity when powering all kinds of constant voltage LED strips and LED bulbs. The KNX interface is intended to prevent the use of a complicated KNX-DALl gateway.
PWM KN works from 90~305VAC. Thanks to high efficiency up to 90%, with fanless design, the whole series is able to work at -40°C ~ +90°C case temperature with free air convection.
The minimum dimming level as low as 0.01% is suitable for low light applications, e.g. the cinema. The output frequency is variable up to 4kHz lEEE1789-2015 risk-free complaint and EU stroboscopic visibility (SVM) requirements providing a great solution for health problems due to light flickering.

Output: 12Vpwm-4kHz, 0÷10A

Input: 90÷305V AC, 127÷431V DC

Power: 120W

Dimensions: 191x63x37.5 mm

Plastic case with class ll design

Power consumption in standby mode: <0.5W

Integrated control protocol: KNX

Typical lifetime: > 50,000 hours

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Odhadovaná doba doručenia: 10 - 18 dní