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RF-BE2230.01 pushbutton interface RF 230 V AC, 2 inputs

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Type: MDT RF-BE2230.01 pushbutton interface RF 230 V AC, 2 inputs

EAN: 4251916148546

Bus System: RF

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: Recessed

The button interface detects status changes at the inputs and triggers telegrams depending on the KNX / EIB parameterization. Buttons / light switches, door and window contacts as well as auxiliary contacts can be used on the individual inputs.

- New KNX RF + protocol in system mode
- Commissioning with ETS5
- For connecting 230 V buttons, switches and motion detectors
- 4 integrated logic modules, e.g. evaluate inputs (closed window or send second object)
- Normally open or normally closed, button press length adjustable
- Dimming and blinds function for one and two button operation
- Adjustable value sending, priority control and switching commands
- Control with short / long key presses and 2 subjects
- Integrated pulse and switching counters
- Adjustable cyclic sending
- Installation in a switch box
- Connection via MDT KNX RF + radio link (RF-LK001.02 KNX RF +)
- For retrofitting without laying bus cables
- Supply voltage 230 V AC
- Integrated bus clutch

The maximum transmission distance is 150 m at an open-air test site. The range of radio signals in buildings is often stated at 30 m. But due to normal absorption radio signals in buildings there is a real distance:
➢ about 30 m with good requirements: Large free space, good mounting position
transmitter and almost no sources of interference in the radio transmission channel, e.g. large conference room.
➢ Reliability of planning:
about 20m with people in the room and transfer through some plasterboard walls or up to 2 stone walls, about 10m in narrow corridors
➢ The vertical passage of the ceilings must in any case be ensured

Reducing the range of material compared to free space:
Wooden wall, sheet metal wall, glass (without metals) 0-10%
Stone wall, pressed board wall (chipboard) 5-35%
Cement with iron reinforcement 10-90%
Metal, Aluminum (Underfloor heating) almost complete barrier

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