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RF-LK001.02 KNX RF + Line coupler

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Type: MDT RF-LK001.02 KNX RF + Line coupler

EAN: 4251916148607

Bus System: KNX (RF)

Degree of protection: IP20

Mounting: Recessed

Wireless lline coupler MDT KNX RF + connects MDT KNX RF + devices to the KNX bus. The line element has extensive filtering functions to minimize the bus load on the radio link.

Linear the coupler enables the following devices to communicate with KNX RF + in both new system modes:

- KNX RF + radio glass button plus with 4/8-fold control
- KNX RF + plus switch 2/4/6/8-fold
- KNX RF + plus switch with 2/4/6/8-fold controller
- Radio switching actuator KNX RF + 1/2-fold
- KNX RF + 1-way blind radio actuator
- other facilities in the planning

By connecting via the MDT KNX RF + radio link, the connected KNX RF + devices can be parameterized directly with ETS. No additional tools or accessories are required. No special parameterization of the line coupler is required.
The MDT KNX RF + radio coupling is intended for installation in distribution boxes. Installation must be carried out in dry indoor areas. ETS3 / 4/5 is required for commissioning and design of the MDT KNX RF + radio coupler.

Technical specifications:
Transmission frequency: 868.3 MHz (Approved for Europe)
Free area reach: 150 m
Output level: 10dBm
Sensitivity:> -105dBm
Maximum cable cross-section, KNX bus terminal: Ø 0.8 mm, solid conductor
Supply voltage: KNX bus
Power consumption on the KNX bus: < 0,3 W
Ambient temperature: 0 degrees Celsius to +45 degrees Celsius

The maximum transmission distance is 150 m at an open-air test site. The range of radio signals in buildings is often stated at 30 m. But due to normal absorption radio signals in buildings there is a real distance:
➢ about 30 m with good requirements: Large free space, good mounting position
transmitter and almost no sources of interference in the radio transmission channel, e.g. large conference room.
➢ Reliability of planning:
about 20m with people in the room and transfer through some plasterboard walls or up to 2 stone walls, about 10m in narrow corridors
➢ The vertical passage of the ceilings must in any case be ensured

Reducing the range of material compared to free space:
Wooden wall, sheet metal wall, glass (without metals) 0-10%
Stone wall, pressed board wall (chipboard) 5-35%
Cement with iron reinforcement 10-90%
Metal, Aluminum (Underfloor heating) almost complete barrier

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