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by MDT

SCN-SAFE.01 KNX safety module

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Type: MDT SCN-SAFE.01 KNX safety module

EAN: 4251916100124

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Degree of protection: IP20

Construction: DIN sheets

The new MDT safety module prevents all ETS connection-oriented approaches, such as programming as well as unloading of bus devices in the KNX series. This significantly increases the safety of the protected line indoors and outdoors.

Manipulation with device programming is no longer possible. The safety function starts automatically when the bus voltage is restored / the safety module is programmed. Depending on the security level set, the security function can be deactivated via the control buttons and / or the security password via telegram. Integrated device monitoring cyclically controls up to 100 KNX devices. As soon as a device is missing or no longer responds due to a fault, an alarm message is issued.

Device monitoring is either active (request for physical addresses or group addresses) or passive (checking whether group addresses are sent cyclically). Events such as an unauthorized programming process or a missing bus device are displayed on the device via an alarm LED, sent as an alarm object and also stored as a time-stamped text message in the internal ring memory of the security module. You need ETS to run and configure the security module.

Product description:
- Increases the safety of protected lines indoors and outdoors and protects against tampering
- Easy retrofitting to existing KNX systems
- Blocks connection establishment and prevents programming and discharging of KNX devices within the line
- The safety function starts automatically when the bus voltage is restored and / or the safety module is programmed
- Temporary activation of the protection function by pressing a button on the device or via a 14-byte key telegram
- Safety function to detect equipment failure on the line
- Active or passive monitoring of up to 100 KNX devices
- The alarm is stored as a text message in the internal ring memory
- Fast application download (Long frame support for ETS5)
- Integrated bus clutch

Maximum cable cross section:
- KNX bus terminal: Ø 0.8 mm, solid conductor
Supply voltage: KNX bus
Power consumption on the KNX bus: < 0,2W
Temperature range: -10 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius

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