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1-0003-004 SMART CONNECT KNX Remote access

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Type: ISE 1-0003-004 SMART CONNECT KNX Remote access

With the latest V6.1 update, SMART CONNECT KNX Remote Access gains extensive VPN functionality. Remote Access serves as a VPN server. This allows you to work in a remote network without having to make complex router settings. In addition, you can remotely maintain not only KNX systems, but also any other systems.

Provide remote maintenance and configuration of KNX installations via ETS.
Safe remote maintenance and configuration via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA).
Ensure remote maintenance and configuration via Gira HomeServer Expert.
Remote maintenance / remote access via VPN.
Secure remote access to web visualizations (HTML).
Provide remote access to visualizations with Gira X1 or Gira HomeServer.
Provide remote access to features such as cameras, routers, and printers.
Secure data transfer using encryption.
Firmware 6.1 and higher fully supports KNX Secure (FDSK is already part of devices that were delivered from the factory with at least firmware 4.0).
Convenient remote diagnostics by storing and retrieving telegram records using the data logger.
Time server to send time and date on the bus at configurable intervals.
Easy to use regardless of provider and router (LTE or fixed line, IPv4).
Optimized KNX/IP communication for the use of mobile and very slow connections
Integrated IP interface with up to three tunnel connections (ETS bus or group monitor).
User and group access control can also be controlled via KNX objects.
Support 50 notifications (email, SMS - paid add-on service sms77 or Messagebird, voice message - Option to choose between layer 2 (TAP) and layer 3 (TUN) for using VPN on Windows, IFTTT).
Notification triggers can be individually configured (filters, conditions, hysteresis).
Receive all events as push notifications on your smartphone using the MySDA app.
Specifying a threshold value for alerts.
Integrated Ethernet switch with two RJ45 sockets.
2 GB of data per month.
Unlimited duration of use and 5 years guaranteed server operation.
The portal server is located in Germany and is subject to German data protection law.
Extensions via firmware updates.

Degree of protection: IP20
Mounting: DIN rail
Rated voltage: DC 24 V to 30 V
Power consumption: 2W
IP communication: Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
KNX communication: KNX/TP, S-Mode
KNX medium: TP1-256
microSD card: up to 32 GB (SDHC)
Connections: 2x RJ45 (integrated switch)
Connecting and branching terminals for KNX and 24 V
Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +45 °C
Dimensions: 2M (DRA plus)

- power supply via external DC 24V
- microSD card is not included in the package
-for ETS5 or higher

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