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Busch-Jaeger ST/U10.4.11-825 SmartTouch 10” - black/rose gold

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Description: Busch-Jaeger ST/U10.4.11-825 SmartTouch 10" - black/rose gold

EAN:  6955891819603

Bus System: KNX

Degree of protection: IP20

Installation: Recessed

Screen size: 10 inches

A freely programmable touch panel with a 10-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280x800, which combines smart home automation and door communication in one device for residential applications, hotels and commercial buildings. SmartTouch 10 offers home control and monitoring of the free@home or KNX system and fully integrated ABB Welcome® functions.
Control, monitor and manage your entire installation on one device: Switching - Dimming - Slider - Blind - RGBW Control - Step Switch - Scene Switch - Display - Audio Control. With scene function, logic functions, presence simulation and time programs. SmartTouch® 10” can also be used as a terminal device for communication with ABB-Welcome outdoor stations and as part of the ABB-Welcome entrance communication system.

• A total of 450 control elements are displayed on a maximum of 25 pages.
• 80 error and alarm messages
• 30 logical functions
• 40 timers
• Presence simulation for 20 participants
• 10 action members of the scene
• 3 RTC object
• Equipped with a hearing loop for connecting the audio signal to hearing aids
• Display a page with a maximum of 18 touch surfaces on one page

• Twisted pair connection provides one page with a maximum of 18 controls.
• Alternatively, for additional control, a Wi-Fi connection provides the same amount of control and functionality as the free@home App.

• Integrated IP gateway
• Possibility of ONVIF IP camera integration

External power supply: 20-32 VDC (SELV) or via ABB-Welcome system controller.

Dimensions (L x W x D): (180.2 mm x 254.6 mm x 17.5 mm).
The slim frame with a flat design is almost flush with the wall (14mm).


- recessed 6136/07 UP + ST/A10.11-825

- wall mounting ST/A10.11-825

- bracket for installation on a table 83506 + ST/A10.11-825

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