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LED Dimmer KNX IO 536 CC (4D)

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Type: WEINZIERL LED Stmievač KNX IO 536 CC (4D)

EAN: 4260262773548

KNX IO 536 CC (4D) is a compact RGB / RGBW / Tunable White dimming actuator with 4 outputs (constant current). The dimming actor can be used e.g. for LED panels or strips with RGB / RGBW / Tunable White configuration or as 4 independent dimming channels. Each configuration allows channel control by switching, rel. dimming and dimming value.

Several comfort functions are also integrated, including scenes, sleep fade, staircase lighting and a sequencer. Two buttons and three LEDs enable local operation and visualization of the device status. In addition to the output channels, the device contains 16 independent functions for logic or time control.

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Odhadovaná doba doručenia: 6 - 10 dní