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by Elsner

Suntracer KNX sl - Weather station 70154 - GPS, 8 facades

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Type: ELSNER Suntracer KNX sl - Weather station 70154 - GPS, 8 facades

Weather stations Suntracer KNX sl for the KNX building bus system measure temperature, wind speed, brightness and detect precipitation. All values can be used to control limit-dependent switching outputs. The states can be connected through logical AND and OR functions. Multi-function modules change input data as needed using calculations, querying conditions, or data point type conversions. The integrated shading control system enables intelligent control of sun protection for up to 8 facades (with slats and shade edge tracking). Sensors, evaluation circuits and electronics for bus connection are stored in a compact housing.

Brightness measurement (current light intensity). The GPS receiver outputs the coordinates of the current time and location. The Suntracer KNX sl weather station also calculates the position of the sun (azimuth and altitude). Shadow control for 5 facades. Air pressure measurement. Wind strength is measured electronically and thus noiselessly and reliably even during hail, snow and minus temperatures. Even turbulent air and rising winds near the device are recorded.

Wind sensor monitoring: If the wind measurement value changes by less than ±0.5 m/s within 48 hours, a maximum measured value of 35 m/s will be displayed as an error message. As a result, all wind alarms with a limit value below 35 m/s are activated.

Precipitation detection: The surface of the sensor is heated, so only drops and flakes are recognized as precipitation, but not fog or dew. When the rain or snow stops, the sensor will soon be dry again and the precipitation warning will end.

Frost protection for shading systems.
Switching outputs for all measured and calculated values. Threshold values can be adjusted according to the parameter or via communication objects.
Weekly and calendar switching clocks: All switching outputs can be used as communication objects. The weekly timer has 24 periods. Each period can be configured as either an output or an input. If the period is the output, then the switching time is set according to the parameter or according to the communication object. The switching clock in the calendar has 4 periods. For each period, two on/off switching operations can be set, which are performed daily.
Summer compensation for cooling systems. The characteristic curve adapts the target temperature in the room to the outside temperature and sets the minimum and maximum target temperature.
8 AND and 8 OR logic functions, each with 4 inputs. All switching events as well as 16 logic inputs (in the form of communication objects) can be used as inputs for logic functions. The output of each gate can be optionally configured as 1-bit or 2 x 8-bit.

The configuration is performed using the KNX software ETS.

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