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TP43I11KNX-1 Touch panel KNX 4.3″ IP - white

Type: eelectron TP43I11KNX-1 Touch panel KNX 4.3″ IP, BIANCO - white

The touch panel is equipped with a 4.3-inch display for visualization and control of KNX installations. The IP version enables remote control from smartphones and tablets using the eTouch application. Available in white or black, it can be installed in portrait or landscape mode.

KNX capacitive touch panel 4.3″ main features:
• Up to 48 control functions arranged in 6 configurable pages
• User editable favorites page
• Configurable background images
• Weekly schedules (up to 48 channels, 4 programs/channel)
• Alarm monitoring (up to 48 alarms) with event log
• Touch gestures: Up to 5 quick actions without leaving power saving mode
• Internal scene controller
• Two independent thermostats
• Remote control from smartphones and tablets via mobile applications
• Four multifunctional inputs, individually configurable as binary inputs or temperature probe inputs
• Built-in temperature sensor
• Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup
• Integrated KNX bus coupler
• Extremely low energy consumption

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