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Tyba Turn 2

Turn 2 - Tyba

Turn 2 is a high-performance, precision-built room controller for wall or tabletop that offers easy access to many smart home functions through a simple yet attractive turn and touch interface.

Lights, shades, climate and sound are all under its spell, and with a sensor that notifies the unit when someone approaches, there's never a delay in accessing the part of the system the user wants. A small LED glows in the dark to make the unit easy to find, and a built-in temperature sensor adds additional functionality and data collection capabilities. For lighting, Turn 2 can set light scenes and adjust individual circuits, air conditioning provides temperature, fan speed, modes and humidity settings, while shades can be opened or closed individually or in groups, and for music, users can change volume, skip tracks, play and pause .

Turn 2 is a high-quality controller that includes a powerful ARM processor and an extremely secure embedded operating system. The integration of the smart home is made possible by means of wired proprietary communication and via Wi-Fi using a specially created REST API. Turn 2 can also function as a location beacon supporting iBeacon and Eddystone standards.

The product is also impressive on the outside, machined from a range of solid metals and available in beautiful handcrafted finishes; black, silver, stainless steel and bronze. Special order alternatives are also available for this extra level of bespoke delivery. This product approach is very brand agnostic when it comes to automation platforms. Turn 2 currently works natively with Crestron, KNX and Control4, with 12 more integrations coming soon including RTI, the preferred automation platform at Pulse Cinemas. The company is also working on some direct integrations with platforms like Sonos and Philips Hue.

Bus connectors make installation easy, and once installed, simply attach the Turn 2 using the powerful magnetic mount, with no tools required for this part of the process. Cresnet (TY-B-CRE) and KNX (TY-B-KNX) bus connectors allow physical connection to the control bus, alternatively the DC Power Bus connector (TY-B-PDC) is the right choice when you only use Wi-Fi on integration with automation platforms or directly with the REST API. The Tyba app simplifies device setup, configuration and control, providing a powerful yet accessible Turn 2 management interface. The product can also be easily retrofitted using an optional wall plate (TY-B-PLT-BK, TY-B-PLT-BZ, TY -B-PLT-SR). If a wall-mounted stand is not desired, the practical and attractive table-top stand (TY-B-STD) will be used in domestic or commercial spaces.

The product display offers a rich 2.1-inch display with a finesse of 216 ppi and has a size of: width 81.6mm, height 81.6mm, depth 22.6mm. The unit weighs only 205g, works via Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5GHz and Bluetooth 4.2.

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