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Controlpro KNX

Controlpro KNX

From classic home control to large automation projects with sophisticated SCADA systems - Controlpro covers a wide range of applications. With three variants that differ in their equipment depending on the required performance, Controlpro meets the most diverse building automation requirements. The basis of the operation panel is a powerful 18.5-inch monitoring and control unit based on a full-fledged computer with Windows 10. This means that it can not only clearly show you all the functions of the building management system in a central location, but it can also do so in the visualization you require . The touch panel offers trouble-free operation in both the private and commercial sectors - either in combination with an external server or on its own. The KNX and YOUVI interfaces make this possible and turn Controlpro into much more than a simple control device. In addition to basic building control functions, Controlpro also supports IP functions, SIP intercom systems with video transmission and other Windows functions such as night lighting and wipe gesture control. Thanks to fanless cooling, the device works completely silently. Controlpro is made of high-quality materials and contains the latest industrial components, including a Full-HD display with a capacitive touch screen, a 5-megapixel camera and wide-range speakers. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC comes pre-installed with the latest operating system.

YOUVI Basic visualization is already part of the Controlpro delivery. The software allows you to conveniently and centrally control (RGBW) lights, blinds, temperature or switches - simply using a customizable touch panel dashboard. Thanks to the intuitive interface, all functions are easily accessible and you don't have to navigate them. In addition, YOUVI allows you to access any website and integrate it into the user interface. There you can organize news or entertainment apps as you like. YOUVI Basic can be expanded with various accessories as needed. The logic module eliminates the need for many manual operations. Save your morning and evening routines and play them automatically. Or create messaging features, presence simulations, and individual scenes. Additional add-ons allow you to use additional functions: From video surveillance with IP cameras to controlling your smart home using an app or voice command. Combined with a network TV tuner such as Octopus NET and a suitable program, you can even stream TV channels at the touch of a button
panel. With a music player for Sonos or trivum, the control of several rooms is realized, which moves Controlpro to a complex multimedia device.

In addition, it is possible to use other visualization solutions that run as a web application or a Windows client on Controlpro. There is a large selection such as EisBär, CubeVision, Edomi or Gira HomeServer or X1 visualizations. In this way, you can expand the functions of the panel according to your individual requirements.

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