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Highlighting the lighting control function

Switching the light on or off automatically

It is too dark in the evening and the light goes on. A home automation system is seen as being smart if it reacts independently and appropriately for the inhabitants’ needs. Therefore MDT KNX Switch Actuators from the AKS series have a threshold function on each channel. For example, the light can be switched on when the brightness falls below the desired level. This means that the building reacts automatically to the situation in the rooms.

Create an ambiance easily

In addition to switching and dimming, the possibilities of light colours are the main thing that make LEDs so attractive. With indirect LED lighting, the room can be gently illuminated in the right colour for the mood. With the MDT LED controllers, it is possible to control 12/24 V RGB/RGBW LED stripes very conveniently via the HSV colour space (recommended) or the RGB/RGBW colour space.

Gentle orientation light

If the children are already in bed in the evening, a light switched on in the hallway might seem too bright. In the KNX smart home, the light is therefore dimmed during the evening so that instead of 100% lighting, only 20% will illuminate your path. This is enough to see where you are going and will not disturb the neighbouring rooms. This is made possible by the MDT Dimming Actuator, where you can save percentage values for the lighting. Either one value each is defined for day/night, or it is possible – and this is only true with MDT – to set up time-dependent dimming.

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