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KNX smart system for your project

We design KNX electrical installations according to the customer's ideas and requirements. We are happy to discuss the requirements and propose other alternatives for the best possible system equipment. KNX offers endless possibilities and that is why it is necessary to determine all the elements that will be implemented. After consultation and determination of the functions that will be applied, we will prepare a proposal for the components and their price offer, and then also a price offer for the final setting / programming of the KNX system in ETS.

We specialize exclusively in the KNX part of electrical installation. We will prepare the proposal based on the electrical project of your building. We will prepare the wiring diagram of KNX modules in switchboards. After the completion of the project, it is necessary to add changes in the implementation plan of control elements, sensors, or other technologies used. If interested, we can add changes to the project, but we do not provide a complete development of the electrical project of the building.

In the case of reconstruction and missing documentation, more detailed mutual communication is necessary for the development of the KNX system proposal. The price of the proposal depends on the size or complexity of the project, but of course also on the preferred brands of manufacturers. We prefer components from manufacturers ABB, MDT technologies, eelectron, Zennio, PEAKnx, but the decision is entirely up to the customer.

For a proposal quote or any questions, you can contact us at our e-mail address or by phone +421 902 305 798.