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104600 KNX / EIB Switch module 8x / 16A Current measurement for C loads

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Type: GIRA 104600 KNX / EIB Switch module 8x / 16A Current measurement for C loads

EAN: 4010337042273

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Degree of protection: IP20

Construction: DIN sheets

Manual operation independent of bus or switching position indication.
NO or NC contact operation. Central switching function. Group feedback to reduce bus load. Active or passive (object readable) cyclic feedback function. Feedback can only be delayed when the bus voltage is restored. Logical link function for each output.
The block function can be parameterized for each channel. Alternatively, a forced setting function for each output. Time functions (on / off delay, stair lighting function - also with early warning function). Integration into light scenes is possible, a maximum of eight internal scenes can be parameterized per channel. Memory function for light scenes. For each output, it is possible to activate the elapsed operating time meter as a counter with a limit function (the limit can be changed via the bus). Input monitoring for cyclic update with security settings. Bus voltage failure and recovery responses can be set for each channel after the ETS programming process.
The switching contacts of the switching actuator, 8-fold, C-loads, are specially designed for loads with a capacitive character, and thus conditional, short, high switching currents.
The switching actuator has an integrated current detection. Current measurement can be performed for each channel. Load monitoring thresholds (eg load failure signaling). Independent switching of eight outputs.

KNX medium: TP256
1 x NO contact with zero voltage, flip-flop
Switching capacity AC 230 V: 16 A / AC1 or 16 A / AC3
Switching capacity AC 400 V: 10 A / AC1 or 10 A / AC3
Maximum switching current: 600 A, 150 us, 300 A, 600 us

Connected load
Ohmic load: 3680 W
Capacitive load AC 230 V: 16 A, max. 200 uF
Bulbs: 3680 W
HV halogen bulbs: 3680 W
Winding transformer: 2000 VA
Tronic transformer: 2500 W
Fluorescent lamps, uncompensated: 3680 VA
Fluorescent lamps, two-circuit: 3680 VA
Fluorescent lamps, parallel compensated: 2500 VA
Mercury lamps, uncompensated: 3680 W
Mercury lamps, parallel compensated: 3680 W
Connections: max. 4 mm²
Current detection: 0.25 to 16 A sine
Current detection: 50/60 Hz

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