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by Gira

212600 KNX Binary input module 10-230 V AC / DC

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Type: GIRA 212600 KNX Binary input module 10-230 V AC / DC

EAN: 4010337018834

Inputs: 6

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Degree of protection: IP20

Construction: DIN sheets

REG binary inputs for connecting contacts. Contact switching processes (e.g. monitors or buttons) are converted to KNX telegrams. The inputs can be assigned to different functions or blocked independently of each other. Possibility of signal display by means of a yellow status LED.

Each input has full functionality. All channel-oriented functions can be parameterized separately for each input. Active transmission of input telegrams may be globally delayed due to bus voltage return or ETS programming. Configurable delay time and telegram speed limit. Free assignment of switching, dimming, blinds, value transmitter and pulse counter functions to the inputs. Blocker for blocking individual inputs (blocking object polarity adjustable) for switching, dimming, blinds and value transmitter functions. The bus voltage recovery behavior can be configured separately for each input.
Switching function: Two independent switching objects are available for each input (switching commands can be configured individually), the command for upper and lower pressing can be set independently (ON, OFF, CHANGE, no response), independent cyclic transfer of the switching object depending on compression or depending on the value.
Dimming function: single and double surface operation, the time between dimming and switching and the size of the dimming step can be set, telegram repetition and telegram stop transmission is possible.
Blind function: The command can be set with ascending press (no function, UP, DOWN, CHANGE), the control concept can be configured (Step-Move-Step or Move-Step), the time between short-term and long-term operation can be set (only with Step-Move Move - Step), it is possible to set the lamella setting time.
Value transmitter function: press (key as NO contact, key as NC contact, switch) and value by pressing can be configured, value setting with key by pressing and holding key for value transmitters possible, light scene auxiliary with memory function and scene saving is possible without previous call. Pulse counter function: Counting interval is adjustable, presses (leading edge counting, falling edge counting, leading and trailing edge counting) are programmable, the number of pulses required at the input can be configured, the number of pulses required to change the counter can be configured, each input contains main counter and intermediate counter, main counter and intermediate counter can function separately as forward or backward counter, start and end values of counter can be set via parameter or communication object, status counter can be read via KNX or automatically, power after operation counter is programmable, reset pulse counter via KNX (counter reset).
The binary input has six independent inputs in the voltage range 10 to 230 V, which are connected to electrical signals.
Inputs 1 to 3 and inputs 4 to 6 share one common reference potential. Therefore, it is possible to connect different external wires for each input group, eg: E1-E3 = L1 a E4-E6 = L2.
Evaluation of direct current (DC) signals or alternating voltage (AC) signals.

Input line length: Max 100m
Ambient temperature: -5 degrees Celsius to +45 degrees Celsius
Rated voltage: AC / DC 10 to 230 V
signal voltage
- for signal "0": AC / DC 0 to 2 V
- for signal "1": AC / DC 7 to 265 V
Input current at rated voltage: 0.7 mA
Rated AC frequency: 30 to 60 Hz
Pulse counter signal duration: min. 100 ms
- for KNX: Connection and branch terminal
- Inputs: screw terminals
Connection cross section: max 4 mm²

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