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by Theben

4900374 HMT 12 S KNX Heating actuator 12x24VDC/0-10VDC

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Type: Theben 4900374 HMT 12 S KNX Heating actuator 12x24VDC/0-10VDC

EAN: 4003468491331

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Mounting: DIN rail / surface

Heating drive for controlling 12 heating circuits with thermal drives, 24 V DC switching or 0-10 V DC continuously. Integration of up to 2 heating circuit pumps. Adaptation of the inlet temperature according to the requirements: automatic calculation of the maximum action value for energy-efficient adaptation of the action value to the actual requirements. No KNX room thermostat required: flexible use of each channel as heating actuator or heating controller. It can be installed directly on the DIN rail in the heating circuit distributor. Screwless terminal technology. Integrated power supply for thermal drives. Optional permanent or switching action value.

Operating voltage: KNX Bus voltage ≤10 mA
Operating voltage: 230-240 V AC
Standby consumption: ≤1W
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Number of channels: 12
Connection type: Spring clamps
Ambient temperature: -5°C ... 50°C
Type of protection: IP20

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