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by Siemens

5WG1205-2AB12 Touch Control 5"

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Touch control Siemens TC5 UP 205/12, white - 5WG1205-2AB12 Touch Control 5"

- as a multifunctional display/control device for KNX, with 480 x 854 pixels, 5 capacitive color touch screen
- to display and operate various room control functions on up to 15 configurable functional pages
- with 2 configurable start pages for navigation with up to 8 icons per page
- with the option to deactivate the navigation function and display the front page with the date, time and temperature instead
- with room control functions switching, dimming, tunable white, RGB, sun protection, HVAC
- with up to 120 channels for each individual function
- with switching functions switch, on, off
- with a configurable dimming control page for 4 types of color lamps: 3-color RGB lamp, 4-color RGBW lamp, optionally with color temperature regulation and with brightness and color temperature regulation
- with sun protection functions: opening/closing the curtain, pulling/retracting the roller blind, pulling/retracting the blinds and controlling the slats
- with room temperature control adjustable as two-point control and/or constant control, for pure heating, pure cooling or heating and cooling mode
- with Comfort, Standby, Economy and Protection operating modes, configurable via KNX
- with general room temperature control for heating/cooling: FCU, cooling ceiling with 2-point or PI controller
- with advanced underfloor heating control including timer and scene control
- with absolute or relative set temperature value
- with fan control, fan speed: low, medium, high, off, automatic
- with manual or automatic fan control based on PM2.5 or CO2 values
- with filter lifetime monitoring, filter replacement alarm and filter lifetime reset
- with VRF interface
- with up to 8 configurable event controls, each with 3 options for data point types to output
- with up to 8 inputs for logical operations, AND, OR, XOR, threshold switch and format conversion, configurable via ETS
- with up to 16 daily or weekly calendars, configurable via ETS
- with date, time and temperature display
- with up to 10 display pages for external sensors via KNX: temperature, relative humidity, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, VOC, AQI, brightness and wind speed
- with up to 10 display pages for energy consumption values received via KNX
- with colored light strips as an orientation light, or to signal alarms or programming mode
- with optional warning sound for alarms
- with an integrated room temperature sensor
- with up to 3 passwords, adjustable via ETS
- with cleaning function to lock the touch screen
- with SD card reader to set background image, screen saver and icons locally
- with local update of the user interface via SD card
- with bus coupler and bus terminal for connection to the KNX network (included in the package)
- with connection to an external 24 V DC source
- as a flush-mounted device for installation in a Ø 60 mm installation box, with screw fastening
- configurable with ETS5.7 or higher

The device supports multiple languages including English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French. The Slovak language is not supported.

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