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by ABB

ABL / S2.1 Logic module

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Description: ABL / S2.1 Automation, logic

EAN: 4016779652643

Bus System: KNX (TP)

Degree of protection: IP20

Construction: DIN sheets

It enables the development of complex logic functions by a simple combination of various logic elements and gateways using a graphical user interface as ETS3's ETS plug-in. No additional software is required. It contains 50 logic elements (AND, OR, 1ofN), 50 one-way and two-way gates, 30 timer modules (on / off delay, pulse duration and stair lighting controller), 10 comparators, 200 worksheets, 250 markers, 254 inputs and outputs available. No additional power supply is required, the device is powered from the KNX bus.

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Odhadovaná doba doručenia: 6 - 10 dní