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by PEAKnx

YOUVI Netatmo Bridge

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Description: The Netatmo YOUVI gateway can only be used in conjunction with YOUVI Basic and PEAKnx hardware (Controlmini, Controlpro, USB-Connector or Performance Server).

The Netatmo Bridge for the YOUVI Basic software package enables the integration of Netatmo devices directly into the Smart Home visualization. Thermostats as well as weather stations and anemometers from Netatmo can be integrated into YOUVI. Thus, users can always monitor the weather and temperature in the Smart Home. Integrated Netatmo devices can also be viewed in the YOUVI home control app and are also available outside your own home network with YOUVI Connect. Netatmo thermostats can also be controlled automatically using timers or a logic module.

The module enables direct integration of the following Netatmo devices into YOUVI visualization:

Smart weather station (outdoor module)
Smart weather station (indoor module)
Smart anemometer
Intelligent rain gauge


Thermostats (smart thermostat and smart radiator valve)
No external gateways are required to connect. Both internal environmental sensors, i.e. CO2, temperature, noise level and humidity, as well as external sensors (wind direction and speed, humidity, amount of precipitation and temperature) can be displayed. Several sensors can be displayed not only individually, but also combined as a weather station widget. The Netatmo thermostat is integrated into YOUVI as a heating widget. The weather and temperature in the smart home can now be easily monitored.

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