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by PEAKnx

YOUVI Trivum Bridge

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Description: Trivum YOUVI gateway can only be used in conjunction with YOUVI Basic and PEAKnx hardware (Controlmini, Controlpro, USB-Connector or Performance Server).

The Trivum bridge for the YOUVI Basic software package allows you to integrate the trivum sound system into the visualization. Multi-room control is displayed and controlled using a dedicated sound system widget. With the music player integrated into the visualization, users control the music in individual rooms and have an overview of the music selection throughout the house.

The music player integrated into the visualization can be operated intuitively. Users can start and pause/play songs, skip to the next song, adjust or mute the volume in each room, and switch to repeat or shuffle mode. The "Playlists" and "Favorites" tabs are used to select songs in the player that you have added to favorites or playlists in the trivum configuration.

The sound zones set in trivum are simply imported into the YOUVI visualization. This allows each room in the house to have its own player that controls the music. The entire trivum system can be pinned to the dashboard using a group widget. The group widget displays all zones together.

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