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Controlmini 11.6" KNX Touch Panel incl. Visualization

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Controlmini is a reliable all-rounder among PEAKnx panels. The 11.6'' Full-HD control panel including YOUVI visualization can be used to control a room or house, as a status and information display or as an intercom for doormen. The KNX touch panel is designed for long-term and durable operation and can be used as a client (e.g. with Gira Homeserver) or as a separate server. The integrated KNX connection and the included software make this possible. With an individually adjustable glass front, every design wish will come true. Various mounting and replacement options make Controlmini flexible in use.

Through Controlmini, YOUVI Basic can be used to perform all home control functions from a central location in the smart home. For example, you can turn on the sockets, dim the lights, control the blinds or adjust the heating according to your needs. The time control facilitates the individual adaptation of the KNX Smart Home to the wishes and requirements of the customer. YOUVI is not only easy to use, but can also be arranged individually - simply by dragging and dropping. Web widgets offer an additional flexible option to integrate web pages directly into the visualization.

Those who want to integrate surveillance cameras, use Alexa voice control or create their own routines and logic or presence simulations can flexibly expand the functional range of YOUVI Basic with modules. Control via smartphone using the free YOUVI Smart Home App is also possible in your own home network. To use the home control app on the go, simply add the YOUVI Connect module.

The Controlmini is a full-fledged computer equipped with the Windows 10 LTSC system, which not only allows the use of all Windows and web visualizations (eg Gira QuadClient or CubeVision from BAB-Tec), but is also suitable for playing music or browsing. applications, e.g. Depending on the visualization used, the KNX touch panel can also be used to display SIP door intercom systems with video transmission, alarm systems and energy management. Thanks to the integration of the music system, Controlmini can also take over the control of music in several rooms.

The direct KNX connection and the included YOUVI software package turn the Controlmini into a full-fledged central and independent smart home server. No external IP router hardware or additional server is required. Alternatively, the KNX display can be used as a client with an external server (e.g. Gira Homeserver with QuadClient visualization).

The use of high-quality industrial components ensures long-lasting operation even with continuous use. The construction has no moving parts and is therefore not only maintenance-free, but also silent. Protection against malfunctions is provided by a sophisticated thermal management system. This helps ensure even heat dissipation across the front of the panel – without any streaks on the wall. The powerful hardware ensures smooth operation of the camera and effortlessly handles all basic home control tasks.

Thanks to its thin design, Controlmini can be installed under the plaster, but also on the surface. However, with the corresponding adapter frame, the Controlmini can also be mounted completely flush with the wall. Installation flush with the wall elegantly places the KNX control center in the scene and creates an extremely noble impression. For a visual accent, it is possible to visibly incorporate the surrounding aluminum edge. Alternatively, it is also possible to cover the edge for a more discreet look. In addition to its own flush-mounted box, it can also be installed in many others. It can be retrofitted wherever flush-mounted boxes with a maximum dimension of 215 x 135 mm are installed. For this purpose, simply mount the panel in the plaster version on the appropriate box under the plaster.

Must be purchased together with (not included in the package):

Controlmini/Controlmicro power supply DIN rail 60W/24V or Controlmini/Controlmicro power supply flush-mounted 60W/24V.

- Glass cover: black or white

- Assembly variant: Concealed box Controlmini or Controlmini fitted frame with a flat design possibly flush-mounted box + Controlmini frame for mounting flush with the wall.

Optional extras:

- Touchpen

Controlmini Recovery USB flash-drive

Software (optional):

YOUVI Connect ModuleYOUVI Camera Module, YOUVI Logic ModuleYOUVI Door Station ModuleYOUVI Netatmo BridgeYOUVI Sonos BridgeYOUVI trivum Bridge 

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Estimated delivery time: 6 - 8 weeks