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PB44A01DL2 DALI-2 4-input button interface

Type: eelectron PB44A01DL2 DALI-2 4-input button interface

Bus System: DALI-2

The button interface integrates up to four conventional illuminated buttons into one DALI channel.

The device has a rear connector with 3 digital inputs that can be connected to buttons.

Button states managed as:
• button released
• pressed button
• short press
• double press
• long press
• long press repeatedly
• long press stop
• free button
• stuck button

The device is multimaster compatible.

It also integrates 4 LEDs that can be powered by connecting the interface to the auxiliary lines, reducing consumption on the BUS.

Available LED signaling states:
• LED is lit: the command is enabled
• LED is off: command disabled

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