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by PEAKnx

YOUVI Connect Module

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Description: The YOUVI connection module can only be used in conjunction with the YOUVI Basic and PEAKnx hardware (Controlmini, Controlpro, USB-Connector or Performance Server).

With YOUVI Connect and the YOUVI Basic software package, it is possible to control the KNX Smart Home by voice command using Alexa or via the free home control app on the go. Through the Amazon Echo speaker, smart devices in the KNX building can be controlled by voice control. The free YOUVI Smart Home app for iOS and Android smartphones can also be used with this module outside of your own home network. The Connect module thus enables secure access to the Smart Home.

Using the Connect module, the smart home can be controlled by voice command via Amazon Echo. Alexa turns the lights on and off, regulates the heating or dims the lighting for you. Individual devices are addressed in the same way as they are displayed in YOUVI Visu. All devices can also be accessed via the "Amazon Alexa" app and assigned to appropriate groups. Voice control with YOUVI Connect makes everyday life in the KNX Smart Home even easier.

If you want to control your KNX building remotely, you can use the YOUVI Smart Home app. It is available free of charge for home network use for Android and iOS smartphones. The home control app gives users an overview of their smart home devices and allows them to easily regulate lighting, blinds or temperature. With the Connect module, secure remote control is possible even outside the home network.

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